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Order **YEARSET 2017 DELUXE DEAL**  Yearset. Contents of each deal is:

Every YEARSET DELUXE DEAL  is Guaranteed to Contain EVERYTHING IN THE BASIC YEARSET DEAL, so that's 2 x Boxes Gerry Anderson, 4 xExclusive Preview sets, 1 x Hand Drawn Sketch Card, 2 x Exclusive Autograph Cards, 1x Proof Cars Set (Foil OR Basic), 1 x Print Plate Pair OR Postage Stamp Card, 1 x Bonus Random Autograph Card and ALSO IN ADDITION THE FOLLOWING PACKAGE:


2 x Additional BOXES of Gerry Anderson Numbered and a guarantee that you will definitely receive a complete 4 box set in your special deal,

1 x Exclusive 1/50 ANNETTE ANDRE Hand Signed Autograph Card AA4 or AA5 The Saint 1 

1 x Exclusive 1/100 very limited edition THUNDERBIRDS Series 2 Preview Set of Four Cards.

1 x Exclusive 1/100 very limited edition UFO Series 2 Preview Set of Four Cards.

1 x HOT & SCARCE top level Autograph Card from either Space 1999, UFO, Best of British Horror or a case topper from Gerry Anderson. Look for some incredible random finds in these packs including Barbara Bain from Space 1999, Nick Tate, Dave Prowse ( Horror) Jeremy Wilkin (Capt Scarlet & UFO), Wanda Ventham (UFO) Matt Zimmerman (RARE Thunderbirds 50), Gabrielle Drake (UFO), Georgina Moon (UFO) Brian Blessed (Space 1999), Susan Jameson (Space 1999 & UFO), Valerie Leon ( Horror and Space 19990, Catherine Schell (Space 19990, Ayshea Brough (UFO), Judy Matheson ( Horror) and many many more!

1 x Premium Pack BONUS Sealed from JOe 90, Supercar, Stingray or Fireball XL5 OR OTHER Bonus Sketch or Autograph Card

As mentioned you also get whats below from the Regular Deal!

Every Deal is Guaranteed to Contain the Following:

2 x Different Sealed Numbered Boxes of the latest Gerry Anderson Releases from Joe 90, Supercar, Fireball XL5 or Stingray. A £50 Value, just to start. DELUXE DEAL guarantees ALL FOUR variant boxes and a small chance of a Master Box too!

4 x ALL New Exclusive four card Preview sets, all numbered 1/200 from Terminator 2, The Saint Series 1, The Prisoner 50th & Space 1999 Series 2.

1 x Hand Drawn Sketch Card from any of our past 2016/2017 releases, these include Gerry Anderson, UFO, Space 1999, Joe 90, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Best of British Horror Films.

2 x New Exclusive Hand Signed Autograph Cards! We have 4 new cards just for the Summer Yearset and you will receive 2 of these, randomly inserted in each deal. You are guaranteed ALL FOUR in the Triple Deal. Autograph cards from Space 1999 Series 2, The Complete Avengers, Captain Scarlet 50th and Best of British Horror Series 2..

1 x 1/20 Printers Proof Foil Card or Base Card Curved Edge numbered trading cards set. Printer Proof highly sought after proof card sets from Gerry Andersons' Joe 90, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Stingray and The Best of British Horror Films.

1 x Scarce Production used Printer Plate Pair from Joe 90, Stingray or T2, the Prisoner, Captains Scarlet, The Saint new promo card plate pairs... OR A COOL Genuine Postage Stamp Cardfrom Captain Scarlet, Stingray, Joe 90, Fireball XL5 or Supercar.

1 x Random Miscellaneous final Bonus Autograph Card from our last two years releases, including LOTS from UFO, Space 1999, Best of British Horror Films and a few from the new Gerry Anderson series.

There is also a small selection of DELUXE BONUS DEALS, details on the configuration of these later today.. which include two other Exclusive Autograph cards and 1/100 Thunderbirds and UFO Series 2 Preview sets.

Only 100 Deals, First Come, First Served from 6pm UK Time, 10am Californian & 1pm New York. Good Luck and thanks always for your support!

So, what's exactly in the VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY DELUXE DEAL AT £169.99? 

Only 100 Deals, First Come, First Served from 6pm UK Time, 10am Californian & 1pm New York. Good Luck and thanks always for your support!

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